Art Is...Monotypes & Monoprints [CP1865-W]

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“Nick Capaci and Jonde Northcutt give fascinating step-by-step demonstrations on how they combine printmaking, painting and drawing to create monotypes and monoprints. They show how different plates are used and how they draw or paint on them with water-based media. A variety of other materials are placed on the plate to produce an embossed image. Other techniques include subtractive, additive and templates.” DVD 41 minutes


Art Is...Relief Printmaking [CP1866-W]

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"Artists: Nick Capaci and Jonde Northcutt. This video introduces basic relief printmaking techniques using simple materials and tools including preparing a lino block, applying water–based ink, and pulling the print using a press or the back of a spoon. Different types of relief printing blocks including stamps are shown." DVD 36 minutes